Experience Builder- Custom Layout Settings Propagate Across ALL Settings

05-21-2020 07:54 AM
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Hello ArcGIS Experience Builder‌ Team, 

As we noticed before- it appears that the font size issue did not get resolved in the final release of EB. 

When changing font for a Custom Layout it changes across the entire app instead of just the customized layout. 

Please resolve this issue. 



As mentioned before- this is an issue that was brought up in Beta 1- this text issue persists across all text elements- the list below is just one example.


Step 1: Desktop View edited text size



Step 2- Custom mobile view edited text size-


Step 3 : Look at desktop again- all text is now the same size as mobile regardless of Custom  setting.  

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Same issues here, almost 2 years since posted but still haven't fixed yet