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Experience Builder: Creating Interactable Insets

12-11-2023 12:39 PM
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Hello there!

I'm currently working on an Experience Builder version of the 'Insets' instant app. While the instant app works great, I need more control over the layers than what's currently available (Layer Visibility, Filtering by attributes, etc.).

I attempted to recreate the app through Experience Builder, but the 'inset' map widgets cannot be scrolled through or interacted with outside of the zoom and home buttons in each inset. Dragging around the map and viewing pop-up information only works on the main, larger map widget. It appears as though the map widget has some way of restricting widgets placed on top of it, and I believe that is happening here

Is there any way to get around this restriction, or is there something else that I am missing to activate the 'inset' map frames? Ideally, much like the Inset Instant App, I'd like to be able to select a feature in an inset and have the popup appear on the main map.


I have also attempted adding the Instant app itself to Experience Builder with the Embed widget, but to my knowledge, none of the other parts of the Experience Builder can interact with the Embed widget. 


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Maybe you could put the inset maps into a Fixed Panel Widget instead of directly on the main map?

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Thanks for the suggestion! I tested it out and unfortunately, the same restrictions apply since the fixed panels were still technically on top of the main map. I pivoted to having the insets in a sidebar widget outside of the main map frame.

This solved the scrolling issue, but I cannot get selections in the inset map frames to trigger popups in the main map frame. Disabling the popups in the inset frames seems to also disable one-click selections. I could add a Feature Info Widget to display the popup information for the maps in a dedicated panel, but the EB might be cluttered at that point, I may have to make do with the instant app.

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