Experience Builder - Communication and Filtering Between Components

11-23-2020 04:02 PM
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Hello all,

Hope you are doing good in this tough-times!!

I am exploring ArcGIS experience builder for one of the project and i got many questions.

Firstly, it is very good development where we can put all the different things into one place and it feels like you have devloped website/web application without writing a single line of code.

I found many features to add map, 3D sences, list views, textbox, layer list, add dashboards (using embed code & story map and many more things.

So, i got question that, can we do something in experience builder that allows communication between dashboard & Map and other controls.

Can we do something like which will filter whole view of builder??

Can we develop a code that will work to communicate between 2D and 3D map?? for instance, if on chart on dashboard is filtered by something it will reflect on all other components builder such as listview, storymap, map on builder.

Can we bind different components using a common variables??

If no, then is there any chances that this sunctionality will introduce in future??

Looking forward for valuable reply.


Mansi Patel

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Hello @AlexanderSymonds 

Nice to know that you are exploring the Experience Builder! These documented sections might be helpful for you, regarding the concepts of data usage and message actions:

Select data in Experience Builder

Add and connect widgets in Experience Builder

Add action triggers to widgets

Feel free to check other docs about other widgets like Map.




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Thanks @TonghuiMing.

I appericiate, your anwer gives me many ideas and concepts that i found useful.

I got how can i make communication link between 2D and 3D.

But, it seems like by using default features of experience builder, its not possible to make a link between dashboard and map/other components of builder. May be i am making is complicated. So, lets take example, that i have designed following dashboard shown in picture and now i am putting list component/filter component on builder. Because according to my knowledge, Embeded code has not any action and we can not apply any action on embed code component. So i found as, i can not do any filtering or communication on embeded code component. Please correct me if i am wrong!!



Thanking you again.

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Hi @AlexanderSymonds,

You can't translate actions made within an embed dashboart widget into actions that happen outside of it. However, your widgets (lists, map selections) can interact with the url used in the embed widget.

So you can interact with the dashboard from other widgets (throgh url filtering), but the embed widget cannot interact with other wigets. It's one way around. 

Let me know if that's useful for you and I'll help you with it. It's a bit complicated

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Thank you so much @BrunoSousa1.

I got my answer.

Actually i am developer and i am thinking to develop custom widgets. so i have set up devleoper enviorment locally in my computer.

One development finished, If i want to upload the same widget back on ARGIS Online experience builder can i do that or it is available for me and my orgnization if i deploy it somewhere???

Thanks for helping me.

Appericiate it.

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Hi Bruno I will appreciate if you can assist me with this process .Thank


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Hi! what do you want to know?

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Thank you Bruno , I would want know how to make the filter widget filter a dashboard I have embedded in the experience builder using a url.  

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I just made a video about how to programme widget communications in ArcGIS Experience Builder using in-built Redux and ReactJS Life Cycle, hope it can help: