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Experience Builder Chart Populate list / table with category selections

04-20-2021 07:37 AM
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I'm looking for guidance on the widget behaviors - yes I've read the documentation but this is a new widget and I've not gotten a feel for how this works yet.

Experimenting with the new chart widget.  I'd like to be able to click on a bar in my chart (i.e. # of bridges with a certain condition classification.  I'd then like to have that click populated a list preferably, or filter a table, that shows the selected features from the chart.  I don't want values, I want counts.  Picture attached.


So If I click on Category 3 on the chart, I want the list to show me the 5 bridges in that category in a list / table.  So far, I could only get it to show the single value instead of all 5, not sure why yet.


Thanks in advance!

Bridge chart experience.png


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This should be doable. Add a Message action to Select Data Records in the Framework.

Make sure the trigger/action matches the category field your chart is based on.





- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thank you, this helped.  However, only half of my categories seem to be working.  

First screenshot, I've got categories 2,3, 7, & 9 work and filter the list as expected, as well as the map below.  Second screenshot, categories 4,5, & 7 don't work...  I find this to be very strange behavior.  Turned on the category count labels and they are showing the correct amounts ?!


1st screenshot.png2nd screenshot.png

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Hi Kara,

If the situation of the second screenshot happen, that should be a bug. But I cannot reproduce with my data. Can you provide some more details for the steps or do you mind sharing the data? 


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Unfortunately, I cannot share the data.  I've attached a screenshot of the settings, maybe I'm not doing it right?

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