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ExB Map popup link to a view in the app?

06-15-2022 05:45 AM
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Is it possible to make a link in a map popup that will change the section view in Experience Builder? Basically, I'd like to duplicate the functionality of making a button in ExB linking to a section view with 'Open in' set to App window. 

I see that the URL changes when I click a the button in ExB to .../?views=View-Name
If I use that in the popup, it does take me to the correct view but it reloads the app. I need it not to reload the app because the view I wish to link to has a Survey123 widget with data loaded from the map. 

The only other thing I tried was to use target="_self" in the <a> tag, but it still reloads the app. 

Are there attributes in the <a> tag that I can use to make this work? 

The screenshot below illustrates the idea of linking from the popup where the user clicks in the map instead of the Report button at top right.



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