EP Card widget loses focus when map is moving

07-19-2020 11:28 AM
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I really struggle finding a single usable panoramic image viewer in the entire Esri app universe and just played around with the EP for the first time. It is still far away from WAB widget functionalities, but I like the free placement of elements within my screen.

I tried to create one large frame that holds the panoramic image (from the feature attachments) with some overlain meta information, while the map below is just a small frame that holds the features with the image attachments (see attached clip). Now there are several issues with that, some are lacking functionalities, some are probably unintended behavior:

1.) when I select a feature in the map, the panoramic image shows as intended. But whenever I move the map or zoom in the map, the Card widget (that holds the panoramic image) loses its focus and shows the default empty image placeholder. This has to be unintended behavior in my opinion, because it wouldn't make any sense if not.

2.) as far as I can see there is no way to add a horizontal or vertical scroll bar if I chose to select the full image size to be shown in the frame (because I need all the details), is this correct?

3.) is there any way to select the first (or last) feature as the initial default so it won't show the default empty image placeholder?

4.) on the top left corner I placed all the XYZ projected coordinates from the attributes. Whenever there is no image selected, it just shows the expression code. Is there any way to tell EP to only show those fields if a feature is actually selected?

5.) is there any way to zoom within the image frame?

6.) would it be possible to create a custom widget that downloads all the images that are selected with a polygon on the map view?

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