What is the difference between ESRI Experience and ArcGIS HUB

07-20-2020 10:35 AM
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What is the difference between ESRI Experience and ArcGIS HUB?  I've used the HUB for open data.  Who fits into needed to use the ESRI Experience?

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Hi Jill, 

Thanks for posting on GeoNet! ArcGIS Experience Builder is a platform where you can create web applications using your data. You can also use these templates as mobile apps as well. Many users who want to convey information spatial (e.g. a web map) or non-spatial information in an accessible form like to utilize ArcGIS Experience Builder. As an example, I'd recommend taking a look at the San Diego app, which is listed on our overview page (first link) under "Web apps reimagined". This is also a really great resource in general for learning more about Experience Builder, along with the documentation page, both of which are listed below:

ArcGIS Experience Builder | Build & Deploy Web Apps

What is ArcGIS Experience Builder?—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation

By contrast, ArcGIS Hub is more so a community engagement platform, allowing users to share open data and websites or create initiatives, to name a few of its functionalities. For more information on ArcGIS Hub, feel free to view our resources here: 

ArcGIS Hub | Community Engagement Software 

What is ArcGIS Hub?—ArcGIS Hub | Documentation 

Hope it helps!