Embedding Expereince Builder into Hub Page as Ap Card- Why so Slow?

08-27-2020 06:49 AM
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For a variety of reasons I need to have a hub site with a few applications cards that are experience builder pages (has required features). However, these are extremely slow to load, sometimes taking up to 30 seconds. When I click on the next hub page, anything that was built with experience builder is blank for some time. I am wondering if there is a solution to this?

Embedding the experience builder site using and Iframe option takes the same time to load. 

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Hey Richard, hope you don't mind me summoning you! I will be working with some similar content that @JessicaJThompson asked about in 2020, and wondered if anyone might offer some ideas here. I am building out an Experience template that I will incorporate into a HUB Page that will also have StoryMaps and other app content. Wanting to make sure I am using the Experience templates correctly in this space by bringing in as an iPage, but also avoid potential loading issues. Thanks!

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Hi @DucksInaRiver There should be no issues. A lot has improved since 2020. I have seen many customers make use of cards in Hub sites linking to a whole variety of applications. If you do find issues you are free to reach out on here or to Tech Support.

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