Editing Experience data sources via JSON and ArcGIS for Python

05-23-2023 04:57 AM
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I will use ArcGIS for Python to create feature layers from a registered database and turn those layers into published web maps. I have created templates in Experience Builder and would like to simply change the data sources used in an existing experience without having to recreate it using the GUI. The schema are exactly the same. The only difference is the source.

My use case is an analysis of hospital systems by clinic type (primary, pediatric, etc.). Each clinic type will have an experience. Each hospital system will have three experiences embedded. And then, the state will have an experience where each system is accessible. But to do this I cannot possibly recreate and rewrite all of the queries I have set up for layer, for lack of a better word. The only thing that actually needs to change is the data source.

My attempts to write the JSON with the updated data sources results in a data source cannot be accessed error.

Help is greatly appreciated.

Michael Temchine

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I tried using the AGOL assistant for editing the JSON (data) but also no success, although the JSON is changed the XB is apparently not using it. 

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