Edit non-spatial record in survey widget

11-14-2021 01:21 AM
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Hi ExB community,

I have a comms record that relates back to a property parcel. I want to be able to edit the comms record in Experience Builder. I have tried the following two ways, but unsuccesfully.

1. Add comms record table as layer to map. Add comms record and property parcel to edit widget. Comms record does not appear as an editable option in the edit widget.

2. Through the survey widget, edit an existing survey. I wasn't able to get this to work. I think because the comms record, which is a table, is not appearing in the map. I thought possibly clicking on the property parcel (which is the parent of the comms record) could possibly activate the comms record in the survey widget, but this did not work either. These are the errors I'm getting.



My fall back or temporary solution is to allow editing in the table widget, but I was hoping the Edit widget or Survey widget would pull through here. Am I doing something wrong or is this a limitation of the software because it is a non-spatial layer?

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