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01-27-2021 06:44 PM
by Anonymous User
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I'm using a text widget in Experience Builder and added a dynamic value.  The value in one case is -0.276.  I want to convert this to a percentage which typically entails multiplying it by 100.   The result becomes -27.63384185.

Can I round this to 1 decimal place in the expression box?   The Round function (thinking Arcade and Python) doesn't work.  I'm presuming the only functions that work are the ones listed in the tool (Average, count, sum, min, max).     How does one control the appearance of numbers in a calculation?   



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@Anonymous User  I'm looking for the very same answer - having 8 decimal places in a return in far from ideal.

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@Anonymous User  - Did you ever find a solution to this issue?


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We are also encountering this problem. Would like to use ROUND, FLOOR, or CEIL on a number. These are  Arcade Expressions, but Dynamic Text doesn't like them. 

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Oh man, I got into an awkward conversion about this during a meeting. People are looking at my dashboard and first thing they ask... why so many decimals? 😐 Yes, so... I don't actually know. Why?

I haven't found a way to do this.

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Hi Brian, I find this problem very relatable. Currently it makes no sense to use the expressions from the Dynamic Content because the rounding is visually unpleasing. Now all rounding up and downs have to be done in preparation. Although it works, it seems a waste to have the expressions exist if you cannot round up or down. 

I hope something like this will be implemented soon!

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 We need ROUNDING in ExpBuilder.  

Soooo frustrating...

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Thank you all for raising the issue. We are currently working on it, and plan to address it in the near future. Thank you for being patient with us.

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Hi Jianxia! 

I'm excited to hear that this is of interest to ESRI! Is there any update on when the issue will be fixed? In the meantime, do you suggest any workarounds? 


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@NatalieKraft , you should be able to format numbers in the upcoming March update. Unfortunately I am not aware of any straightforward workarounds at this point.