Dynamic Content Expression Not Working

06-30-2023 02:48 PM
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Hi folks, I am trying to insert some Dynamic Content into a Text box. The Dynamic Content should sum the values of one field and divide by the sum of another in order to create a percentage. However, it won't calculate the value and just returns the name "LMI Percentage." I'm new to Experience Builder so sorry if this is an easy answer. When I used the Statistics option and just insert SUM({LMI_UNIT}) that works but the Expression is giving me a headache. Thanks




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Hi @ZachStern , 

Based on the screenshot, it seems you use the "Selected features" view in your expression. That means only when there are selections the expression will be calculated, otherwise it will display the expression label. 

To solve your issue, simply change the view (click to see the dropdown) to default view. 



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