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Dropdown Options In Experience Builder Are Obscured

04-27-2023 05:05 AM
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In Experience Builder, when I use the Edit widget to create a new feature I must also fill in misc attributes about that feature. When I open dropdown menus, the dropdown opens above the field, and this pushes the top options out of the viewable window. In the below image, you can see that the top months (January and February) are obscured, and both of the scroll bars are at the top most point. I can get around this by starting to type in the obscured month or by expanding the Edit window until the vertical scroll bar disappears. This makes the dropdown open beneath the field, but these options aren't the preferred solutions to this bug. 


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Were you able to get anywhere with this? I've noticed the same thing happening, and with the exception of using the search field as you mentioned, which largely defeats the purpose of the dropdown in the first place, I cant see how to reveal the domain values hidden by the edit widget.  

Anyone from ESRI have anything to suggest?




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Esri Regular Contributor

I tried to recreate this issue on my end, without luck. For me, the dropdown always displays on top and all values are available, even if I reduce the widget's window size.



Which platform are you on; ArcGIS Online or Enterprise?

Which browser are you using?


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This issue was occurring in ArcGIS Online using Firefox. I just checked this again and it is working as it should. So perhaps it was an issue with an older Firefox version. 

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