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Does Experience Builder have ability to have "Category" filter widget?

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11-19-2020 12:50 PM
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Essentially, my use case is a services directory.

I have a site I'm building as a mock-up agency / service directory to pitch to our Human Services- and I'd like the following abilities:

- Agency List  (currently a list of agencies (wish I could only display individual names, not 30 of one agency because they have 30 services) that filters a map

- Services Index with categories (Filter widget with a table widget)


On the Services Index page, I'd like to have a list specified from a "Category" field in my attributes. However, I don't want every entry, I want to be able to aggregate it so that I have one entry for each category, and selecting it will filter the table below to show only those agencies that fit into that category.  Even, better - it'd be great if it filtered the other pages too, but I'd like that to be a yes/ no option.  I wish I could turn off the filter affecting the entire experience if needed.

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Hello, do you know if they are planning on changing that? 

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