Display no features when no filter set

02-24-2023 12:28 PM
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Maybe it's just Friday brain weariness, but I'm having trouble coming up with a creative solution to this problem.

Let's say I have a filter widget with a unique value filter field (e.g. state) that's filtering the features in a state map layer. Normally, when no filter is set (All is selected in the filter dropdown), all 50 states would be displayed in the map.

Is there a way for *no* features to display when no filter is set? So instead of all 50 states showing until I select a single state, the map will be blank until I select a state?

Put another way, is there an "additive" filter rather than a "subtractive" filter?




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@TimHaverlandNOAA This is a relatively rare case that we do not include as of now.


If needed, I suggest posting the idea to the Ideas channel and we will evaluate it based on the feedback for possible enhancement possibilities. Thanks for bringing this up.

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