Creating a custom widget as a layout container

09-22-2022 04:36 AM
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Hi ExB Gurus

I have a custom widget based on the map-view sample widget. I wish to make this widget a layout container so that I can add other widgets to it, just like the OOTB map widget. I have followed the instructions at (creating a layouts property in maifest.json - I copied the MapFixedLayout property from the OOTB map wiget) and I included the logic specified in my widget's constructor. But I still can't add widgets to my custom widget, it seems like the document is missing other information required to make a widget a layout conatiner. I have reviewed the OOTB map and card widgets and they seem to have other references to layout logic, i.e. JSX elements, layout classes, etc. Not sure if these are related to the layout templates that these widgets have. I want to give my widget a fixed layout for any widgets that are added in the builder, I don't need to have any layout templates at this stage.

Can someone point me in the right direction with either the required further information or if I am doing something else wrong.



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