Conditional Visibility of Blocks, Screen Groups, Buttons?

06-15-2023 11:58 AM
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Hi there!

I'm creating a pretty complex experience builder app. This app provides info to the public about their property (parcel information, home information, taxes, and so forth). 

I think I need help with conditional visibility of large elements of this site. Here's why:

We have a heap of pages within the ExB that show summary reports for things like taxes and property values. BUT, if you click on the menu that takes you to these pages before you input your property into the search, these pages show with blanks (well placeholders for fields with the {} around them like {AcctNo}). Also, on the front page for this site, we offer a guided tour of a person's property where they would see info in a scrolling experience of screen groups and blocks. All with this same placeholder issue. Take a look at the images below for examples of what we're talking about.

So, I'd like to alter the front page so that buttons for other pages within the ExB only show up after you enter something into the search widget and that the screen groups and blocks that are lower on this page only show up then as well. We have a java script wiz on staff here, so we can dig in through ExB Developer, but kinda could use some guidance on how to turn these element off and on (and any sample code would be worth it's weight in beers to us!). 

Thanks in advance for all the help!



blanks example.jpgbocoASRfrontpage.jpg

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Hi @KBKnight ,

If you just want to avoid the placeholder, you can check the option View for empty selection in the Data panel.


Hope it helps,


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