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Additional Experience Builder Technical Assistance?

06-12-2023 07:22 AM
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As everyone is shifting to Experience Builder, there are so many questions on this board without solutions or even a single response. I posted one 3 weeks ago, have not since found a solution on my own, and am reaching a deadline at work. I'm starting to look at building it in WebApp Builder instead so I can meet my deadline. Could ESRI provide additional technical assistance to this board to help the transition to EB?

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I agree with this fully. As more functionality is coming out on Smart Forms, advanced functionality that is only supported on 4.x apps, etc. it is incredibly difficult to move over to Experience Builder not only without full parity, but with limited support. Many GIS users here are experiencing issues, bugs, or lack of functionality that would be incredibly important to have in Experience Builder, and understanding it can't happen overnight, many of us still really need and appreciate more technical support!