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01-26-2023 01:49 PM
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to make use of the embed widget to embed some code for a Tableau Dashboard/View. The Tableau embed API utilizes a snippet of JavaScript and some custom HTML tags to set the view source and some options. Additionally it is possible to filter the view with embedded keywords.

I am able to embed and load the view no problem, but my ultimate goal is to use parameters, or ideally data attributes from selected data as dynamic variables for filtering.

The filtering HTML looks like this: 

<viz-filter field="Field_To_Filter" value="Dynamic_Variable_Data_Attribute"> </viz-filter> 

 The solution here is tantalizingly close! However the "Connect to Data" and "Data Attributes" in the embed by URL tab are nowhere to be found in the Code tab. So close yet so far!

Am I missing something? If not would it be possible to add this functionality in the future? It's a bit frustrating to be this close to a solution, but just the options aren't there.


Thank You!

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Has anyone had an experience with this or any ideas for a workaround?

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@beachcamp - did you think of any solutions for this?

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I'm afraid not. 

In fact I "found" this post again searching for a solution. 

With the pending restrictions to what HTML tags are permissible in embeds unfortunately the solution will be even further away than it is already.

It looks like for certain social media websites they allow script embeds, perhaps in the future ESRI could allow Tableau as well? In addition to the "tableau-viz" HTML tag. 

Seems like a pretty reasonable solution to me!

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