Certain layer in group dissapear from original map

09-16-2022 01:10 AM
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I am trying to move my web map application from Web App Builder to Experience Builder to utilize layer groups and its other functionalities. However, when i try to take all my layers which i use in Web App Builder, a certain layer just dissapear in Experience Builder. In Map Viewer it says there is 3 layers within the group, but when i open the map in Experience Builder it only says 2. I can neither filter or use any widget on the layer, so its like it doesnt exist. 

See images for visual explanation. Thanks a lot for any help!





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Hi, @ErikStorrønning, there could be various reasons for this behavior. Basically, it means this specific layer has not loaded successfully and thus you saw this in ExB.

It might be caused by the layer type being not supported by ExB yet, or the layer authentication failed (no access or token required). This seems like a data-specific issue based on the description.

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