Can you turn off lazy load on list widget?

12-06-2022 01:35 PM
New Contributor III

Hi everyone!

I have a list widget in my experience that has the "scroll" paging style in the settings. I want the scrolling list, but on page load, the list does not fully populate (like when you have a lazy load setting on). Once you start scrolling, it will populate the rest of the list items, but because it's loading in on the fly, the list jumps and the users lose their place.

I'm wondering if there is a setting or way to turn off the lazy loading and make the list widget populate all items on page load.

I've had some success changing the paging style to "multi-page" where all the list items will load in at once, but I can't get rid of the navigation at the bottom of the container. Screenshots are of the different paging style settings I mentioned.

Any ideas? Thanks! 

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