Can You Add a Related Record?

10-11-2022 12:44 PM
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Using the edit widget with my related table, if I click on a feature on the map, the add symbol goes away.  If I am not selected on a feature, the add symbol is available.  So, basically I can add a record, but it won't be related to a feature?

Am I not using the correct workflow or something....?

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Esri Contributor

Related record is not supported for now. But the implementation is under way. Will keep you updated.

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@TianWen Can we get an update on this please? This is easily the most requested feature among my peers. We know it's available in the new map viewer but when will it be available in the edit widget in Experience builder? The way related records are treated like an afterthought just shows a basic misunderstanding of customer requirements. We need this yesterday, please provide an update ASAP.

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We also have several use cases where we need to be able to add/edit related records.  Is there an update on when this might be released?

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