Can I choose which layers will be shown on the Layer List? Can I group multiple Layer Lists?

08-19-2022 10:22 AM
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Is there a way to create a group with the same widget multiple times? Specifically the Layer List widget. Also, can I select only part of the layers from the webmap to be shown on the layer list?

It was possible in Web AppBuilder, but I can’t find this option in Experience Builder.

We have a map viewer with lots of layers, so to make it easier to navigate I grouped layers by subject.
I added eight instances of the Layer List widget, and for each one I selected only specific layers. I then grouped all the Layer List widgets together.
So when users are looking for Sewer data, for example, they don’t need to scroll through a long list of all the map layers, but instead they go to the Sewer Layer List group that contains only Sewer related layers and select from there. Screenshot attached.

I created an Experience Builder project from the same map I used for the WAB Viewer, and I tried to mock the groups using the Column widget, but I could not select only specific layers; I had to show the entire layer list.

Any suggestions on how to make this work in Experience Builder? Thanks!

WAB Layer List.png

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The latest map viewer in Online and Enterprise now gives you the ability to create Grouped layers within the map.




I'm not sure if that will suit your needs, but Experience Builder and the layers list widget within it will honour the groupings that you put together. It may mean just creating a copy of your map and then using that for the Experience Builder application, but now your group is at the map level and would be honoured anywhere you use that map.

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Thanks, this might work but not exactly as it is in WAB, unless there is a way to show the same layer in two groups. For example, the Sewer Districts layer is in both the Sewer group and the Special District Group. Is there a way to do this without adding the same layer twice to the map?

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