Can a Trigger act on the basis of multiple fields?

12-27-2021 01:47 PM
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When configuring an action between a List widget and other data sources, I get the option of setting a trigger/action connection.


I noticed that in the config.json, this is represented by an object fields.

        "config": {
            "messageUseDataSource": {
              "dataSourceId": "dataSource_1-17de3f3e9e0-layer-18-dataView_4",
              "mainDataSourceId": "dataSource_1-17de3f3e9e0-layer-18",
              "dataViewId": "dataView_4",
              "rootDataSourceId": "dataSource_1",
              "fields": [
            "actionUseDataSource": {
              "dataSourceId": "dataSource_1-17de3f3e9df-layer-15",
              "mainDataSourceId": "dataSource_1-17de3f3e9df-layer-15",
              "rootDataSourceId": "dataSource_1",
              "fields": [

I would assume from this that it may be possible to connect my trigger and action on the basis of multiple fields. Is there an "official" way to do this? I tried manually adding the extra field, but couldn't see that this did anything.

I ask because I have a situation in which it would be great to match either of two fields. Adding multiple filter actions to the  widget just takes the last action listed.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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