Buttons to pdf on AGOL not working

09-18-2022 08:29 PM
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Hi ExBers,

I have uploaded some PDF documents up into ArcGIS Online. I have buttons in my Experience Builder that take you directly to them. They were working the first couple of times I tried. Now I'm getting XML error messages. Other users have reported this too.

Has anyone else experienced this before or am I doing this incorrectly?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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This looks like you have a permissions issue. I suggest setting the AGOL item's Share to Everyone (public).

Another common issue I've seen is copying the URL from the the Open link, which includes a token regardless of sharing permissions. Copy the URL from the bottom-right column of the AGOL item page instead.

Good luck!

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@DougLogsdon2 Thanks for your reply. Yeah, currently don't have it at public sharing level. That's a good point! With files you can't copy the URL from the bottom-right corner I don't think. That option didn't show up for me. That works really well for me when working with feature services though. Thanks again!

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