Button in List. Only show if attribute field is not null

10-01-2022 07:42 PM
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Hi ExB community,

I'm putting a button in a list. The button will be connected to an attribute, so when the button is clicked, the url in the attribute field will open up in a new tab.

Sometimes this attribute field is filled out, sometimes it is empty. I only want the button to show when the field has been filled out.

Is this possible in Experience Builder? I thought about having a window pop-up saying no data available if the field isn't filled out, but I can't do that if I have it connected to a URL too.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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@ShengdiZhang is this possible?

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Hi @Marokapara ,

The style of the button widget is not controlled by the data, but I think you can use a text widget as an alternative.

Uses a text widget with a hyperlink, so when the field is empty, the text is empty and has no links, and when the field is filled out, the text displays clickable links.



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