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11-12-2020 08:42 AM
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I've just started using Experience Builder and have just created my first dashboard. I noticed several bugs here and there.

1) FIlter tools on the map don't work appropriately on large datasets, if the selected area is large enough, it will only randomly select some features, but not all features within the selection area.

2) Filter widget ( not within the map) is also not working great. I have two separate filter widgets referencing the same feature layer. Each filter widget has its own several filters with OR statements.

If you toggle 1 filter within 1st widget, and 1 filter within 2nd widget, it will work fine, and the data will be filtered by both parameters. If you attempt to toggle 1 filter within 1st widget and toggle 2 filter options within the second widget, then first filter widget will break, and the features will be only filtered by 2 options on the second filter widget.

3) If you click on full screen button on the map, all the data will be unfiltered.

4) No way to change columns layout in attribute table.

5) No way to filter attribute table by field.

6) No way to export attribute table data with selections.

I really liked how you can use scalebar with list and features info widgets.

Thank you,


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Hi Yulia,

Thanks for providing your feedback, please see my responses below:

1. I believe you're referring to the select tool. If yes, you will need to increase the page size of the records returned for the data source (on the side panel) that matches how many features you have in the feature layer. 

2.  Can you provide us some more detailed steps so we can reproduce the issue you're referring to regarding the filter widget, please?  

3.  I wasn't able to reproduce this issue, can you provide some details on the filter?

4-6. We appreciate the feedback on the table widget as it is currently in beta with more to come. What would you like to do with the column layout?




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Hi David,

Thank you for quick response.

1. Sorry, I do not understand. Feature info widget initially correctly shows all 100,000+ features, so as attribute table. After selection is made on the map with lasso select tool, the features within the map are highlighted randomly within selection area (not all of them), and the attribute table and feature info widget correctly display what is highlighted on the map.

2. I can try to be more clear:

Let's say you have 1 layer 'Trees', which has attributes 'diameter' and 'tree species'.

1) You create 2 filter widgets and connect to 'Trees' layer.

       a) FIlter widget 1: create 2 filters with OR statement for when diameter is 10'' or diameter is 15''

So turning on one of these 2 filters will filter the layer by either trees with 10'' or 15'' diameter

       b) Filter widget 2: create 2 filters with OR statement for when tree species is 'oak','maple' or 'pine'

So turning on one of these 2 filters will filter the layer by either 'oak' or 'maple'

2) Activate 10'' filter on the first widget and then activate 'oak' on the second widget. This will correctly filter your layer by oak 10'' trees 

3) Activate one more filter on the second widget - 'maple'. Here you expect the layer to be filtered by 10'' oaks and maples. Instead you get all maples and oaks with no regards to diameter.

Hope this helps.

3. Yes, please filter the map by selection tool on the map and then click on full screen button.

4. For tables I would like to be able:

             -  to wrap text in the columns

             - to reorder the columns

             - to make the columns wider or more narrow

             - to provide the users of the dashboard to set filters on the table by themselves, instead of me providing the filtering options to them.

            - to export table to csv

  Thank you!

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