ArcGIS Experience Builder Filter Widget does not work in bookmark views

06-11-2021 09:15 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello!  I am building an Experience in the AGOL version (not developers) to view streams in a large area, and I am trying to include a way to view specific defined regions within my overall web map, and then within each region toggle certain layers on or off, and in one layer filter what stream segments are visible based on their value in a "stream order" field.  Using a Map Layer widget I can easily toggle layers on and off, and using a filter widget I can easily filter out all but the stream segments I want... on the whole map.  But, if I use bookmarks to zoom and pan and select out just what I want to visualize, the filter widget no longer works.  I have also tried to replicate this concept using Views instead of Bookmarks, but it seems that the different Views always revert to the original map starting map view.  I can set the initial map views for each view, and it works perfectly in my "Live View" in my editing window, but in a preview or a Published version, every view shows the identical original map.

So, is there a way to use a filter widget on a single map that will work in different bookmark views, or a way to make Views actually show different zoom, pan and layer options from a single web map, or (as I am currently proceeding with) do I need to make new web maps for each View with the appropriate zoom, pan and visible layers, and just set a different web map for each view?  

Also, small point, but is there a way to remove the spacing between multiple filters in the same Filter Widget in a vertical list?  I have 3 filters, but would prefer them to be stacked on top of each other, rather than with padding between them, and have found no way in the Style tab to adjust this.

Thank You!

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@Anonymous User 

Is there a way to share your ExpB so we can have a look? There's ways to use "framework" filters etc., but might help if we can see exactly where you are just now.

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