ArcGIS Experience Builder (Dev Edition) - Query Widget result selection popup trigger and clear results behavior

01-28-2022 08:22 AM
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Hi, reviewing the 1.7 Dev Edition and two observations about the Query widget.  Any ideas/feedback welcome.

1) In using the framework selection trigger to select the corresponding source map feature, no popup is automatically shown.  This is different behavior than the WAB query widget which would automatically popup the feature.  Is this a behavior that is in the road map or is there a known workaround?


2) The clear results command on the query widget does not clear the map selection that it triggered in the first case.  This is also different behavior than the WAB query widget Clear Results which would reset the corresponding map selection.  Is this something that could be added to the roadmap as well?


Thanks for any responses.


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Hi Sam,

Did you ever figure out how to solve the second problem? I'm having that happen in my EB now.



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