ArcGIS Experience Builder (Dev Edition) - Measure Widget display bug

01-28-2022 08:36 AM
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Hi, little bug with the 1.7 Measure Widget.  Any comments appreciated.

Basically toggling between the line and polygon measurement tabs when there are results can corrupt the tool.  Anyone else notice this?

For example,

1. Click to create a line measurement.

2. Click Polygon tab to create polygon measurement.

3. Click line measurement tab again. Note: Dialog UI missing on measure tool.

4. At this point you can use the polygon measurement tool but you can't use the line measurement tool until you close and reopen the widget.

Just wanted to check and see if this was a known issue and on the roadmap?




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Same thing happens in the Online version.

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@SBerg_VHB @RhettZufelt Yes, this is something on our radar and we are targeting to fix it soon. Thanks for bringing it up.

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This issue is fixed with the latest AGOL 10.3 release and will be picked up by the upcoming dev 1.10 release soon.

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