Alternatives to Esri's Experience Builder?

04-27-2023 04:29 PM
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I have been using Esri's Experience Builder to develop a GIS platform for my company. I use it because I'm not an expert Javascript developer, which seems like you need to be to do enhancements in EB or to develop your own Javascript/Typescript-based GIS platforms. Its essentially WYSIWYG.

Unfortunately, EB is garbage, to be blunt. It is awfully buggy, poorly documented, and produces unexpected behavior. I am wondering if there are alternatives to EB that would help with developing web applications which interface with my web map in ArcGIS Online? Thanks!

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I disagree that experience builder is garbage. Would recommend first watching the developer summit videos introducing it, as they'll cover a lot of the design intentions. It helped me navigate the builder layout.

If you have specific issues or feedback, we may be able to assist, or there is technical support.

I'd recommend using the new JS API apps/builders. ArcGIS Dashboards, Story Maps, instant apps. Though it's more a case of aligning purpose of the web map application to the builder. Experience, story telling, quick simple purpose app, infographics etc. 

Often an issue is if you try and build all the solution into one app. Keep it simple, purposeful and on brand. A web application shouldn't be a 'platform', and you may need to consider building more apps to achieve your goal. Hard to say without know the context and issues you have.

There is also Web AppBuilder and other classic app templates, but I would not recommend them as they are being phased out.

Beyond that, lots of resources if you want to build from scratch or extend functionality. Some extra effort involved - especially a web server to host - but I don't think you or any other readers should underestimate their capability to build a custom web application over time!

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