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Add Data widget - cannot add GeoJSON

01-12-2024 08:37 AM
New Contributor III


I cannot use the Add Data widget to add a .geojson file that was exported from a Query widget result.

TractDataRecords.geojson file size is 711 kb, so it shouldn't be too big.

I get the message:

Add data fail.png

Any help?


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I'm thinking the problem is the export from the Query widget.

I can't add the .geojson file to a map or publish it as a layer on ArcGIS Online. I'll make a new post...

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Probably the same issue I identified in my recent post here.

The geojson file you posted also contains mystery coordinates instead of long/lat, same as mine. I have some geojson files that I exported from my EB site's query widget several months ago, and those files contain all coordinates in long/lat. But when I tested the same query/export function last week, my output geojson file contained these weird coordinates. There is no spatial reference specified in geojson, so the coordinates are supposed to be in the default long/lat 4326 spatial reference, from what I can tell. So I think this is a new bug that ESRI needs to work out in the export to geojson function.

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I am having this same issue! So many problems and missing functionality in EB compared to WAB. 

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