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Exported GeoJSON contains mystery coordinates with no spatial reference

01-03-2024 02:59 PM
New Contributor II

I've created an Experience Builder app with the Query and Table widgets so that the users can select polygon features and export them to a GeoJSON file. Several months ago when I first tested this feature, the exported GeoJSON file contained nice coordinate pairs like [-120.90737626436639,50.50502558241272] which are in the WGS84 (SRID:4326) spatial reference coordinate system which I believe should be the default for the GeoJSON format. It was my understanding that exported GeoJSON files would always have geometry specified in that coordinate system.

Today when I tried to demonstrate this export feature to users, I find that the exported GeoJSON file contains coordinate pairs like [-13480856.5701,7626432.870400004], and there is no coordinate system or spatial reference specified in the file. So other applications that normally take GeoJSON files as input cannot interpret the geometry.

I don't see any options for specifying a spatial reference in the various places where one would export features to GeoJSON from ArcGIS Online. I'm currently trying to export an entire small hosted feature layer (of which I am the owner) to GeoJSON, but it is taking forever, which may be a separate issue. How can I produce GeoJSON files with coordinates in the default WGS84 system?

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