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03-13-2023 05:34 AM
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Hi - 

I am working on migrating a public viewer from Web App Builder to Experience Builder now that the “Add Data” widget is available. I was wondering if someone could help me figure out if the “curated content” option will be available in the ExB version of “Add Data” sometime in the near future.

In WAB I can do this:



I would really like to be able to do this in ExB but do not see how it is possible. For public-facing applications, this is a powerful way to steer users towards authoritative content. In the new Add Data widget with Experience Builder, I do not think a member of the public would have an easy time finding or adding authoritative data into the map. IMO allowing for curated content will result in a much better user experience.

Does anyone from Esri have insight on this?

Thank you,

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Hi @erica_poisson we have this in our consideration and thanks for bringing this up.