Add a legend to the layer list in Experience Builder

12-02-2021 06:12 AM
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I really like a lot of the new functionality in the new web viewer (such as grouped layers and a wider range of symbols) (

It's a shame that I can't use these in apps developed with Web App Builder.  However, if I try to re-create my WAB apps in Experience Builder, the thing that I really miss is the legend that is integrated within the layer list.

My users have also fed back to me that they much prefer the checkboxes in the layer list to the 'eye' icon, showing layer visibility - the latter is harder to read. 

Would it be possible to create a WAB type layer panel widget within Experience Builder?


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I agree. I like the combined Layer List with Legend option.

The Map / Tools / Layers (in Ex B) is close, combining the Layers widget and the Legend widget), but not as good as in (some of) the Instant Apps, or WAB.

And also YES - PLEASE give an option for a simple check box instead of the eyeball icon (I've gotten user feedback saying that it is difficult to tell the difference between the visible eyeball and the not-visible eyeball. A simple, obvious check box would be much better.

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I would also like to see this capability added.

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