URL Parameters similar to WAB

05-11-2021 11:45 AM
Status: Open
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Hi. It would be great if ExB supported url parameters similar to WAB. In that app, one can pass parameters to the app which control default layer visibility, extent, selection of features and similar. 

Additionally, the share widget provides an interface to easily generate short URLs using these parameters. This allows non-technical people to create their own custom launch links. 

And there are other behaviors that would be useful to enable via url params, including default active widget, basemap, title or sub-title or other text values in the app, query expression, etc.

I feel like this is one of the best features of WAB and disappointed that it's not implemented for ExB.

There are many use cases. As an example: a single app can replace multiple single purpose apps. Suppose a city has a separate map for Zoning and another for Capital Projects and another for Parks ans so on. All of the layers could be combined into a single ExB app, and separate launch links could be generated to launch the app to mimic each single purpose app. The one for zoning would load with zoning layers visible by default and the title could be changed to "Zoning". 


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I need the ability to open an Experience Builder app with a specific feature selected. It would be ideal if I could do this with a URL parameter.