Tablet Widget: Add "Update" button and Suppress Time on Date/Time fields

03-29-2022 01:20 PM
Status: Open
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For background: I am using the Table widget in a hosted Experience Builder site. The data layer is published as a feature service from SQL Server to a standalone ArcGIS Server. Editing is enabled on the table.

My first suggestion is to provide the option to hide the time input on date/time fields. My dataset tracks the date that a location opens and closes, but time is irrelevant for us to track. I can hide time in the Edit widget using Smart Forms on the Map Viewer map, but that setting does not carry over to the Table widget.

My second suggestion is to add an "Update" button to the Table widget, just like the one that is in the Edit widget. My end users are using the table widget like an Excel spreadsheet, but since every change has to be immediately written to the database, the entire table refreshes every time a change is made. It is really disorienting to suddenly be kicked back to the first record, first column when you are editing something further down and over.

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The update option, similar to the edit session where you can chose when to save the changes you've made would be awesome!

We have a similar use case in our organisation, and it is resulting in a lot of wasted time waiting for the table to refresh each time something is updated.