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Summarize Data Widget in Experience Builder

11-20-2020 03:30 PM
Status: Open
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I have just started using Experience Builder - so far I really like it.  There is one widget that would be tremendously helpful to implement:  Summary Table.  It would be great if I could take a data table and summarize a field by category.  For instance:  I work for a wine company and we have 3,000+ vineyard blocks planted to 50 varietals of wine grapes.  I would like to take the data table and quickly show the total blocks planted to each varietal (by acres, another field).  This can be done in Dashboard, Insight and App Builder so I'm not sure why it isn't an option here.   


You can connect a Text widget to a data source, then have it pipe in a basic statistic like COUNT().

But how to do it by variety? On the Data Source tab, you can configure different views of a data source.


This allows you to set each view to filter down to specific varieties, or any other combination of attributes you might like.

Once defined, on any widget with Connect to data enabled, you can specify any and all of your views, and on a Text widget specifically, you can pipe in the statistic you want.



It can be more than a little tedious to set up with lots of views, but it does work.


@jcarlson The option for "views" doesn't show up for widget outputs. Is there any way to calculate summary by variety for a widget output? In my case, I am using a query widget.