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03-21-2021 01:56 AM
Status: Implemented
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Would be nice to include a simple chart widget within Experience Builder.

Despite being a complete novice, and certainly not a coder, I'm using Exp Builder more and getting used to the quirks. Being able to drop in a chart or infographic would be really powerful for the basic user like myself. I find, all too often, I'll insert a dashboard element instead, however, I get uneasy with the user experience of seeing lots of "dash beta" loading animations.


I got around this with a chart embedded in the map viewer pop-up window, but would love the option to have a simple chart widget as well.

When you add a dashboard element, can you connect it to an experience builder map element?


Unfortunately not,  unless there's something clever that can be done within embedded code,  a simple embedded url just creates a "solo" element.


West Highland Way IoT Project - Drymen & Gartness Community Data (

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@JonathanMcDougall I cant find a link, but I've seen slides for "Experience Builder roadmaps". I think it was from a FedUC session. My understanding is a Chart widget is on their "near term" list. So, it sounds like it's coming - hopefully in a release or two?


@Anonymous User  thank you.


@JonathanMcDougall & @JesSkillman you can connect the map widget to a dashboard through Select Data Records. Please see this thread:


AGOL April 2021 update, couple of notes within Exp Builder.

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Hi @JonathanMcDougall - at the April 2021 ArcGIS Online update Experience Builder added a Chart widget. If you have any feedback on the new widget we would be interested to hear it. 




@Anonymous User 

Hi Peter, I've already implemented a couple of charts within Exp Builder, a welcomed update. Only comments so far would be a little more control over the hover-over pop-ups, and the addition of line charts would be welcomed too.
Realise Exp Builder is very much a new product, however, the more I use it the more I like it - find myself using this over my previous approach of using Hub Pages.