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Paste/Write SQL values in Filter Widget

04-06-2022 02:32 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

In the Filter Widget, you have to create the entire query/queries manually for new layers. This is also the case if you switch the data layer with another. Even though there is an SQL text box in the window, I cannot edit this or write my own SQL.

I have to sometimes create multiple copies of the same filter/query in different experiences. Being able to paste a query into the box would save a lot of time, as I wouldn't have to manually go through all the clicking. 


YES! I have over 2000 values i need to filter out, and i'm having to enter them ONE AT A TIME!  It would be nice to be able to TYPE MY OWN SQL expression.


This needs to be addressed or submitted officially as an enhancement! This is A LOT of duplicate work especially when the source data changes and the filters are reset.


Being able to edit the SQL for filters is huge for us. We have users who need to look for data within the last 2 years. I can set a filter for dates between a range, and the end of the range I can set as "today". But there's no way to set the beginning of the range as "today minus 2 years".

So users have to change the filer every time they use it. Creates a lot of extra clicks and hassle.