Option to Copy/Paste strings to Build Expressions in Experience Builder (Embed Widget)

02-12-2021 04:22 AM
Status: Open
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I am building a page where an embedded dashboard would dynamically change based on a selection from a list widget. I am achieving this by leveraging ArcGIS Dashboard's URL Parameter capability with Expressions in Experience Builder. 

I noticed that it is not possible to copy/paste into the expression builder. While this is not a problem for shorter expressions, I found it error-prone to have to type the URL. It would be great to have the option to copy/paste strings into the builder.



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I'd give this two Kudos if I could. Need this option.


Hooray, this seems to be fixed now! Though I was really improving my typing accuracy, I was relieved to discover that this seems to be fixed with the latest update and copy/paste now works. Thanks kudos givers, I guess we were heard. 



Does anybody know where to find the expressions and how to edit them?

After I created a new expression I cannot find a way to edit it so, for every change that I want to do, I have to create and insert a new one.

A similar question has been asked on 12-15-2020 but there was no response.

Thank you in advance,



Not sure if this ability has been added for the embed widget, but I would LOVE to see it for the expression builder for buttons - I want to use dynamic URLs to link to different pages depending on the record selection, and it's a huge pain to have to type the URL in instead of just copy/pasting.

would love to copy past that Google part, instead of typing it out!would love to copy past that Google part, instead of typing it out!



Just ran into this same limitation in the expression builder for a button. 


Update:   I went in to the UI code by inspecting the element and copy and pasting the expression there.