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Open Feature Info Widget when selecting a map feature

03-13-2023 10:52 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

One of the big flaws I have discovered with the Feature Info widget in EB is that when I click on a map feature to display the attributes, the Feature Info widget does not automatically open.  I must click open the Feature info widget in order to see the attributes. Requiring the user to manually open the Feature Info widget is very confusing, especially if another widget is open and nothing visually changes when clicking upon a map feature, and after years of being conditioned to seeing a pop-up appear upon clicking on a feature.  It would be great if the Feature Info widget could replicate the behavior of the Sidebar Instant App for display feature data. I have tried configuring every variation of triggers and data actions I can find, but no luck.  Is there a setting I am missing, or is this functionality missing from EB?