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Make widget icons available for use in buttons, etc.

05-31-2023 01:55 PM
Status: Open
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Pretty simple. I'd like to have following icons Icons / Icons - Page ⋅ Storybook ( available in the icon/image libraries. 

A use case is making buttons to link to widgets opened in views. I had to use analogous icons found here, which I downloaded, exported as a png, and then uploaded (Sidenote: seriously, why aren't SVGs available for use when uploading images?). This is time consuming and, in many cases, there aren't really good substitutes for the official icon.

Please let us use these icons, or at least let us download the SVGs from the first link.

Official icons: Add Data, Query, PrintIcons I used: Add Data, Query, Print


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Totally agree - same workaround for us. Our usecase is a sidepanel with all the widget content (view-button-carousel linking to specific views with the corresponding widgets (widget-controller was not satisfactory)). So for each button, grabbing the svg from the corresponding ExB-widget, converting to png, upload for the button img...