Local search is missing in the Experience Builder Search Widget

03-01-2022 01:48 AM
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In the WAB Search Widget it is possbile to enable local search so we can get geographically relevant search results first. It is often useless to use Search without limiting the search area. Unfortunately the Search Widget in Experience Builder do not have local search. There is an alternative: creating a Locator View but it works only on ArcGIS Geocoding Service. Local search functionality should be available in Experience Builder or it should be possible to create a locator View on custom locators.


Thomas, did you find a solution or workaround to this? Also, can explain how the Locator View works on the ArcGIS Geocoding service? I wasn't able to find that when working with Experience Builder or do some brief research.


@JonathanLee Customize your Geocoding experience with Locator Views: https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/analytics/analytics/customize-your-geocoding-experience-wi... or https://www.esri.com/about/newsroom/arcuser/find-just-what-you-were-looking-for-with-locator-views/

Yes I found a solution how use locator View on the custom locator provided by my local ESRI distributor where I could create a locator URL with token and filter to my administrativ area. In AGOL: New items -> Locator -> Create a locator from a geocode service (URL has to include filter to your geographic area) -> add locator URL (use username and password for access to the locator if required so you get a token). Go to the information page for the element you have created and copy the URL on the right bottom of your page and add it as a new search source in the search widget in Experience Builder. 


@Thomas1Excellent! Thanks!!