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Issues when Viewer User opens Experience app containing an Edit Widget

01-15-2023 04:23 PM
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We have an ArcGIS Experience builder app that contains several layers and also an editing widget, that users with the appropriate user type are able to edit on the map features with. However, we also need to share the same application with Viewer user types in addition to Editing user types (e.g. Creator, Data Editor etc), for view only purposes.

However, it seems like the editing widget can't gracefully handle a Viewer user opening the app - it breaks the loading of the map and other widgets such as the layer list, and the user is left confused. Users with Editing users are unaffected when they visit the app. Removing the edit widget restores normal functionality for viewer users which is our current workaround.

I'm not expecting Viewer users to be able to edit or anything, however the edit widget should not break the rest of the app's functionality when they visit. The edit widget should just recognise that a Viewer user visiting the app can't edit, and disable itself. Perhaps a friendly message is shown instead like 'Your account does not have the necessary permissions to make edits here'.

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Hello @AndrewDouglas-Clifford1 

Do you have any update on this we have same issues right now?