Hiding symbol classes field names in Legend widget

07-27-2021 08:09 AM
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In an Experience I created, the Legend widget show symbol class field names which I would like to turn off. For example, if a layer called "LAYER" using unique value symbology on a field called "TYPE", the title "TYPE" will show up between "LAYER" and symbols. As you can imagine, the symbol class field names are usually abbreviated words, so I want to hide them in the legend, but I cannot do so.

I managed to publish the web map from ArcGIS Pro with symbol classes field names turned off in the legend. In old Map Viewer they are indeed hidden, but in new Map Viewer they still show up. I think Experience is built on new Map Viewer, so I am posting this idea in Map Viewer forum.


I agree - 99% of the time, I want only one label (either "layer name" or "heading") showing in the legend. It would be great to be able to turn legend items on/off in the Legend widget like you can do in the Legend element in ArcGIS Pro layouts. As it is, I end up with duplicates or unwanted labels showing in the Legend widget in Experience Builder.


I have also found this problem, mainly there are no customizing options in the legend, with this problem being my first obstacle.

All other ArcGIS products have had legend editing options, why not here!?!?!


This should be a configuration option in the new map viewer rather then in Experience Builder.  Not only Experience builder is impacted but all app builders that rely on JavaScript 4.x (e.g. new ArcGIS Dashboards)