Filter widget -“Create a custom filter" function for user

08-18-2021 02:09 AM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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WebApp Builder has a  "Create a custom filter" function (1) that allows the users to define their own filters. Is it planned to have this functionality also implemented in the ArcGIS experience builder? 




I would like to second this request, this is a real issue on a project I'm working on: users would like to create their own filters within Experience Builder but this is not currently possible as far as I can tell.


Yes, this functionality is extremely important and having an equivalent in EB is essential for being able to migrate over to the new technology from WAB!


Chiming in here. Having to pre-define filters isn't worthless, but almost. Our users need to explore different aspects of data so they need to be able to generate their own criteria.