Experience Builder: Zoom map to Filtered Results

03-02-2021 01:31 PM
Status: Open
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Idea:  Add Action to filter widget to force related map to zoom to the filtered results

I have an Experience Builder app with a map on one page and a set of filters on a second page.  When the user turns on some filters on page 2, it would make sense for the map on page 1 to zoom to the extent of the filtered features so that when the user goes back to that page they see the results of the filtering.


Totally great idea.  Have same situation.  Many workflows are of the 'drill down' type.  For example, filter a state, zoom to state and show the counties in the next filter.  Filter a county, zoom to county and show the cities in the next filter, and so on.  Gives a great UI flow.

We have this functionality coded in standalone apps using the JS api.  We are in this weird place where we want to move to Experience Builder, but we keep running into fundamental things that are missing (like this), and it is faster to code up in JS api than trying to mess with modifying the EB widgets and the complexities that go along with that route.

That said, I think EB has a lot of potential as a configurable app builder, and I realize coding up these type of configurable frameworks are major efforts 🙂



Apparently this capability was added in this latest release of ExB... but unfortunately, I'm finding that it's not honoring the bounding box of the filter result... I hope this isn't another bug to log! Anyone else running into this problem?

I recorded my screen to show this phenomenon. The zoom extent excludes surrounding data included in the filter result. It's unclear what extent it's zooming to... Maybe the center of the filter result? In the video, I pan around to show the additional data that should be included in the extent.


I am running into the same issue as @EmmaHatcher. It seems to work alright the first time I implemented the filter, but no longer zooms to the appropriate scale or pan to the correct extent. 

Is there a solution that we can implement in the experience builder, or has this issue been escalated as a bug?

Thanks for the update!