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Expand Grouped Layers by Default

07-20-2023 08:25 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

It would be helpful to have the option for grouped layers to be expanded by default within the Experience Builder Map Layers Widget.  Ideally, it would help to select which grouped layers are expanded and which are compressed by default.  However, even just having the ability to expand all grouped layers by default would make it easier for users to locate the layer they want to view.


Yes, it would be very nice to have an option to expand grouped layers by default within ExB Layer widget 


Providing an option to expand the layers by default will make the new customization of layers option (released in Dev Edition 1.13) even more useful. 


Indeed, it would be very helpful to have expanded group layers, so users see directly which layers are available.


Agreed, this would be very useful.


This will certainly help data/map organization on the back end be more "tidy". I would find this extremely useful!  


i agree with that!

by MVP Regular Contributor

Came looking for a solution on how to do this, would love to see this implemented. 


This would be very useful, and allow us to tailor the layer list experience for the user in a practical way in situations where people find it less obvious that they need to expand the layer groups manually.


I was hoping for way to do this too.  I had the idea for a workaround having multiple layer widgets and moving all the group layers to the root of the map and configuring the visible layers in each widget to simulate layer groups.  I couldn't go this route though because then I couldn't use the exclusive visibility option available with group layers.


Yet another instance of good functionality that was available in Web AppBuilder, but not in its replacement tool. Please add this in so that our applications that we need to rebuild in Experience Builder aren't worse. Thank you!