Draw widget - Add option to draw text

04-26-2022 01:46 AM
Status: Open
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Please add an option to draw text with the draw widget in the Experience Builder!

In the draw widget in the WAB you can add text elements to the map. I'd like to use this for my maps used in the Experience Builder as well. 

Thanks in advance! 

- Zoë


I agree 100%! There is often a time when text needs to be added to a map for instructional purposes, or just as a quick reference that is not a part of any of the connected data. This is heavily used in my organization and in my own consulting. We really need this option!


Completely agree with both of these points. The ability to add text on the Draw widget is a must - I've replaced an old version of a map which was on WAB but nearly every user has mentioned that you are unable to add text like on WAB. I'd also suggest having an arrow style (as on WAB widget) would be very useful still. Please, please look into getting these features added on EB!!


I think this is a must!


The text and arrow options should have been implemented from the start.  What is the timeline to implement?


Agree we have users requesting this feature that was available in WAB.


100% agree, this seems like a complete oversight.


And given that WAB is being "retired" in favor of Experience Builder, it is even more critical to put this tool in.


Please make this reality, as soon as possible.


100% agreed. This is badly needed functionality.


This lacking functionality in the draw tool is a dealbreaker to upgrade a number of my organization's apps.